Sunday, December 07, 2008

My First Pickling attempt!

Hey Everyone!

Pickled Eggs are by far one of my favourite treats and snacks :D So I have decided that I would Scow er the Internet and Give it a shot for myself!

I found numerous home recipes and versions of Pickled eggs and I decided to try out a Spicy Egg version ( I love Spicy foods).

I found that its not a very long or difficult process and was quiet fun to try out and seemed to be very type of recipe you can manipulate to what you would like. So enough of Jabbering Let walk my way back threw what I had created.


3 cups apple cider

2 cup white vinegar

4 teaspoons salt

2 teaspoon mixed pickling spice

2 clove peeled garlic

1 sliced onion

1 teaspoon mustard seed

Lots of Baby hot peppers :D

16 Eggs

a couple bay leaves

Okay Okay! So now we have all the fixings all ready to go, I first Started by Getting the Eggs in a Pot with Water and a Touch of salt to get things moving! Then Once they were boiling away I turned down the heat to a soft boil, and leave them at that for about 15 minutes, Because if you boil them real hot and quick you get that grey dis-coloration around the yolk.Then I got some of the other ingredients ready by Chopping up the Peppers, Onions, and Smashing a couple Garlic cloves, I know it only called for 2 But I'm a Garlic hound so I threw probably 4 or 5 in and about :D

Okay now that these are ready and off to the side, I turned my attention to the spices! Now on the box it says to uses a cheese cloth to put you pickling spice in to, But I completely forgot to get some so I figured a Coffee Filter would probably do more or less the same action so I threw my pickling spice in to the filter and tied it up with a bit of thread. Then I took out a other pot and added my vinegar both in, added my salt and mustard seed and bag of pickling spice, and 2/3 of my chopped veggies, and the few bay leaves. Then started to bring them to a boil. ( I did this once the Eggs were done because I will take a few minutes to peel the eggs so let that put away while your busy peeling)

SO now all the eggs are peeled and the Spice and liquid is started to boil away, So I think its time for a Glass of Wine :P :D and Time to throw some of the raw Veggies in the bottom of my Mason Jars

Now that your mixture is boiled up for about 10-15 min So everything has soaked in and the flavours are floating around you will have a kitchen full of pickling aroma :P Putt the Eggs and raw veggies in the jars in kinda layers then take out the Baggie from the liquid and then you take hot Liquid and pour it all over until your eggs are covered up by the liquid. Then Throw the Lids on and Make sure there nice and Real tight! Then I threw them in the Fridge and I will open them up here in about 2-3 weeks and we will see if it was a success, If they were I'm thinking Pickled Beats and Pickles will be coming up in the near future! :D

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